Front Office

We are a small but fast paced mental health practice, looking for a self motivated person to join our team. Preference given to those who also speak Portuguese or Spanish. This position is 30-35 hours per week Monday -Thursday.

Duties include but not limited too:

  • Greets patients and visitors to the practice
  • Registers patients in the practice management system which may mean entering information given verbally or on registration forms
  • Collects identification and insurance cards and copies or scans them for the record, may photograph the patient for the record
  • May collect co-pays or other monies
  • Has patient sign financial agreement, receipt of privacy policy, benefits assignment, etc.
  • Take vitals including blood pressure, height, weight, ect.
  • Order labs and collect urine samples
  • Answer phone calls, take messages and make appointments
  • Directs visitor (drug reps, salespersons, etc.) appropriately
  • Fulfills requests by patients, attorneys, insurance companies, and social security for release of records
  • May manage paper faxes and messages by attaching to charts and delivering to provider
  • May prepare paper charts for chart audits by payers or others
  • Enters charges in the computer system for services received
  • Tells patient if any additional monies are owed if co-pay was collected at check-in
  • May sign patient on to a payment plan if needed
  • Takes monies owed, posts monies and produces a receipt for the patient
  • Makes return appointment for the patient if needed, or enters recall into the practice management system
  • Posts receipts from insurance companies and patients and edits any electronic remittance advice; may post from lockbox account on the web
  • Generates patient statements
  • May check eligibility on patients with appointments and call patients whose insurance is not active
  • Calls patients who have not made payments in response to statements
  • Files secondary and tertiary claims as needed, electronically or via paper
  • Corrects claims that are rejected from the claims scrubber, clearinghouse or payer

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